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The Monastery’s Storage Furniture. The grandeur of simplicity, exhibition

From January 12, 2021, a small sample of the furniture preserved by the religious community is offered in the premises of the old infirmary of the Pedralbes Monastery, which stands out more for its historical value than its artistic value.

This exhibition, curated by Mònica Piera, has been coordinated, designed and executed by Nordest.

With the collaboration of:

Carpentry: Ebanistería-Carpintería Garcia
Electrical installation and lighting: Llumbox
Painting: Pinta Croma
Graphic design: Enprensa
Graphic production: EGM

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“The Majlis. Cultures in Dialogue” exhibition at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Madrid

The exhibition is commissioned by Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, Doha, Qatar. The backbone of the exhibition is a Majlis (Arabic term for “sitting place”). Around it, there is a selection of over 50 items from the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum‘s collection, illustrating the intercultural dialogue between East and West with the Arabic region.

Laura doing the condition report of the objects.

It is formulated as a travelling exhibition across Europe, with the first stops being the Presidential Palace of Valletta in Malta (15th Sep- 28th Oct 2018), the UNESCO headquarters of Paris (29th Nov-14th Dec 2018). ), L’Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (January 8th, 2019 – March 10th, 2019), the Weltmuseum in Vienna (December 17th, 2019 – August 27st, 2020) and the last stop, at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional, a Madrid (September 28th 2020 – January 17th 2021).

Laura, Alfons and David hanging one of the rugs of the exhibition.

Espai Visual has been the promoter, producer and installer, with the design of Àmbito 0NORDEST, is in charge of coordinating, packing and unpacking, as well as handling the pieces.

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Inventory and Documentation Frederic Marès Museum

From September 2018 to June 2019 and since January 2020, as a second edition of the project, a NORDEST team consisting of a restaurateur and a documentalist are carrying out the inventory and documentation of the Frederic Marès Museum’s collections.

Objects are identified and entered into the inventory software.
Their conservation status is researched and evaluated. Specific actions are taken to stabilize the pieces.

In this process, the most diverse types of objects are being studied, from letters to tin soldiers, cut-out dolls or embroideries.

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Behind the walls of the Monastery – Monestir de Pedralbes

The exhibition is an immersive virtual reality experience that takes us to the medieval monastery. Through a virtual game, an audiovisual and virtual reality glasses we immerse ourselves in the nursing of the monastery.

NORDEST has coordinated the exhibition, in which several companies have participated, designed and implemented by Burzón&Comenge.

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Inventory and photograph of the Ethnological Museum’s collections

A small NORDEST team, a documentalist and an art handler-photographer, has been in charge of photographing, reviewing the current inventory and extending the collections of the Barcelona Ethnological Museum.

The pieces were identified, measured, inventory checked, and modified as needed. Each piece was general and detailed photographed, which photos were later introduced into the database.

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Exhibition “Set in Stone: Gems and Jewels from Royal Indian Courts”, MIA, Doha

Commissioned by the Doha Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, the Set in Stone: Gems and Jewels from Royal Indian Courts exhibition shows a magnificent collection of Indian manufacturing with all kinds of jewellery with large gemstones.

NORDEST has coordinated and also been in charge of all aspects related to preventative conservation. The project has been led by Espai Visual.

October 23rd  2019 – January 18th  2020

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Removal of objects from the MNAT (National Museum of Archeology of Tarragona)

In June 2019 NORDEST has carried out the removal, packing and transport of the last pieces left of the Museu Nacional d’Arqueologia de Tarragona (MNAT).

The pieces in Room II of the museum were basically architectural elements, with the exception of two breasted pieces dating of the times of the High Roman Empire, Carrara marble, that came from the Roman theatre in Tarragona. Their dimensions are 164 x 80 x 42 cm and 174 x 80 x 42 cm.

The intervention took place over a period of 4 weeks, along with a team of restorers and registry. All the pieces, a total of 72 placed on 65 pallets, were moved to the museum’s warehouses. This way, the rehabilitation work on the building could be started.

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Interpretation Center of the Molí de l’Espígol in Tornabous

NORDEST has coordinated the creation of the audiovisual support of the interpretation centre of the Iberian village of Molí de l’Espígol in Tornabous (Urgell). It has also been in charge of its production and implementation.

This is a direct print on a dibond panel installed on a Reform Systems structure with openings for the screen and the soundbar.

The graphic design is from Jordi Pinós.

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Cataloguing the Historical Archive of the Damm Foundation

Since 2014 NORDEST, has been carrying out the inventory, cataloguing and conditioning of the Damm Foundation’s historical collection, located at the Antiga Fàbrica d’Estrella Damm on Rosselló Street in Barcelona.

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Permanent exhibition at the National Library of Qatar

A permanent exhibition has been set up at the Qatar National Library in Doha, showing about 400 pieces illustrating the diffusion and evolution of ideas in the Arab and Islamic world and the interaction between them and the West over the last centuries. The exhibition features books, manuscripts, maps, travel instruments and historical photographs that tell the story of Qatar.

NORDEST has conducted the operations management of the project, which is led and produced by Espai Visual. We have also contributed to the provision of display cases, the placement of pieces and the text panels.

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