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Museum of Vinyes del Convent – Horta de Sant Joan

Wanting to honour the family legacy, Elies Gil, the fourth generation of winemakers rooted in Horta de Sant Joan, wanted to include in the new cellar a museum space.

NORDEST, in collaboration with Quaderna, has carried out the documentation and inventory work of the existing collection in the museum space of the Les Vinyes del Convent winery in Horta de Sant Joan.

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Feasibility plan for the “Hostel-Visitor Reception Center” of Cal Maco in Igualada

Given the proximity of the Ignatian year (2022), the City Council of Igualada, a municipality along the Ignatian road, plans a global intervention in the historic building of Cal Maco, in order to adapt it to new uses: as a hostel and a visitor reception center.

This adaptation aims to gain equipment to accommodate all the pilgrims of the Way of Saint James and the Way of Saint Ignatius, and project the city as a reference among the pilgrims.

NORDEST, in collaboration with Quaderna, has drawn up the feasibility plan for the City Council of Igualada.

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