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Protean Reform is a modular system of reusable walls that facilitates the redesign of spaces in a simple, effective and highly sustainable way. With this system, walls of any size and finish can be produced, adapting to the space and allowing their complete recovery, without waste. It is a real alternative to plasterboard or wooden walls.

This system, designed by the UK-based company PROTEAN, was exclusively distributed by NORDEST, Museum and Exhibit Services S.L. These walls are already implanted in museums around the world such as the TATE Modern Gallery in London or the Kunst Palace in Dusseldorf, among others. In Barcelona the CCCB made the first implantation of these walls for the exhibition Fragmented memory. 11-S NY. Artifacts in hangar 17 by artist Francesc Torres.

The product is provided in two modes: rental or sale, to meet the needs of the different institutions within criteria of economic, social and environmental effectiveness.

The highlights are:

  • Reduction of waste, transport and raw materials
  • Reuse of the product with unlimited capacity to adapt
  • Extensive product life cycle.
  • 100% recycling of lightweight aluminum structures
  • 100% recycling of the panels material
  • Easy mounting and disassembly for reuse
  • Ease of storage
  • Adaptability of all types of finishes


The walls are made of an aluminum profile structure that houses the modular coating of the chosen material, such as DM, dibond, methacrylate, glass, textile…

On each of these finishes, they are vertically mounted on both ends of the module, a corrugated piece of extruded double plastic (clip) that fits in with the fixture and snaps into the aluminum profiles, which allows for installation and / or fast and clean removal whilst the walls can be recovered for reuse at other times.

The system also allows you to adapt cabinets, doors, light boxes, shelves…


  • Historic Royal Palaces (PDF)
  • National maritime museum (PDF)

You can also take a look at the first walls we installed at the CCCB:

Password: Protean